Nanaimo, BC
Serauxmen Service Club of Nanaimo


The Serauxmen Service Club was formed in 1967 by a group of young men who were interested in community affairs and fellowship. After finding the youngest members in the other organizations in Nanaimo being in their early 30s and figuring the age gap a little too great for proper communications these gentlemen decided to form their own service club completely independent of any other international organization.

Through the efforts of each and every club member’s work and enthusiasm the club has expanded membership wise and become a well known and highly respected service organization in Nanaimo. We do all of our fundraising in the community and the club’s focus is to help groups and individuals within the region. “All the money raised here, stays here.”
Fund raising for charitable donations have been varied since the club’s inception in 1967. Our initial fund raising event was a car wash in the Tally-Ho parking lot followed by a Christmas shopping spree raffle of which the proceeds went to Cerebral Palsy. Currently, our biggest fundraiser every year is the annual golf tournament. Last year our combined efforts raised over $30,000 for the community.

Groups we have helped over the past few years include; The Nanaimo Boys and Girls Club, Royal Canadian Legion, Child Development Centre, Literacy Nanaimo, Vancouver Island Festival Society, Haven House, Nanaimo Search and Rescue, Nanaimo Tsunami Wheelchair Basketball Association, Island Deaf and Hard of Hearing, Habit for Humanity, Respite Care Unlimited, Upper Island Music Festival, Children’s Literacy Foundation, Nanaimo School District Bursaries.

On top of this we have donated to individuals in need including a purchase of bunk beds to a needy family, food purchases, a videoscope to help a legally blind individual see distant objects, the purchase of a bed and commode for a young paraplegic father, assistance in purchasing vans for other disabled individuals, and specialized bikes for children with disabilities. We also work with groups like the Variety Club to co-sponsor children with special needs.



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